LAW 5042: Lawyering

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General Enrollment Course
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First-Year Courses
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Lawyering is a problem-based course in which students will serve in the role of a lawyer who must address a client problem over the course of the semester. 

The course consists of three integrated components. The first introduces students to a particular line of court decisions through detailed critical reading and analysis. Based on their understanding of these court decisions, in the second component students will explore the relationship between case theory and fact investigation. Students will gain an understanding of informal and formal methods of investigating facts and relevant ethical rules. Students may develop a fact investigation plan, gather facts from both documentary and individual sources, and assess how the facts gathered bear on their client’s problem or affect their client’s potential case theories. In the third component, students will produce a written work product (e.g., a client letter) that conveys their understanding and analysis of the relevant law and facts.
Overall, this course will engage students in a range of lawyering activities, call on students to generate various types of lawyer work product, and provide students with feedback on their work product. Students will generate work product for each of the three components of the course. Students may be asked to work in small groups to produce a single work. Faculty assessment of a student’s work product, including work produced with other students in a small group, will form the basis for the grade in the course.


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Spring 2012-13
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Spring 2012-13