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General Enrollment Course
Enrollment is limited to first-year students.

Property law, broadly defined, governs relationships among people with respect to “things.” These “things” include land (“real property”), tangible objects such as a casebook (“personal property”), and intangibles such as a publisher’s right to prevent others from reproducing the original content in a book (“intellectual property”). The Property Course examines how property rights may be limited, in situations where more than one person has rights to the same piece of property, and in situations where one owner’s rights must be balanced against the rights of the owner of a separate piece of property.

Topics covered in the Property Course may include: modes of acquisition of property (e.g., capture, find, creation), present possessory estates and future interests, co-ownership of property, marital property, landlord-tenant law, land sales, title recording systems, easements, restrictive covenants, nuisance, public land use regulation (including zoning, eminent domain, and the issue of regulatory takings), and global property issues.