University of Pittsburgh
Term: Fall Term 2012-13 (2131)
Catalog Number: 5135
Class Number: 20459
Class Schedule:
  • M 6:16 pm -9:15 pm
  • Instructor: Justine Kasznica Thornton
    Type: Lecture
    Credits: 3.0 Credits
    Catalog Requirements: Professional Skills.
    Enrollment Limit: 10.
    Priority: General Enrollment Course

    Course Description from Course Catalog 5135

    Additional Info

    All course registrants will be required to undergo an interview with the Director of the Innovation Practice Institute in order to receive approval to participate.

    Many factors will be considered in making the decision on which students will be approved for participation, including but not limited to:

    • Life experience
    • Participation in related courses in law school (e.g., Business Organizations, IP-related courses) , other graduate studies, or undergraduate studies
    • JD/MBA Program candidacy
    • Previous employment experience in relevant fields

    Mervis Hall (Room/Time TBD)


    A grading sheet with criteria will be provided for each of these: Class participation 15%; Project 70% (includes a team participation component); Project Presentation 15%.

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