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Business Organizations

A Discussion and Problems Approach
A Discussion and Problems Approach
Term: Fall Term 2013-14 (2141)
Catalog Number: 5112
Class Number: 14653
Room: LAW 109.
Class Schedule:
  • TH 2:00 PM -4:50 PM
  • Instructor: Pat K. Chew
    Type: Lecture
    Credits: 3.0 Credits
    Priority: Core Course - 2nd Year Priority

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    This course focuses on the laws governing corporations, in particular the structuring of the business enterprise and directors’ and officers’ fiduciary duties. It also discusses more briefly the characteristics of other forms of business. Referring to assigned readings and judicial opinions, this course discusses how legal principles are applied to particular professional problems and situations.


    There will be exam (60-70%) and group project (30-40%).

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