University of Pittsburgh
Term: Spring Term 2013-14 (2144)
Catalog Number: 5103
Class Number: 14325
Room: LAW 107.
Class Schedule:
  • M, W 3:30 pm -4:45 pm
  • Instructor: David A. Harris
    Type: Lecture
    Credits: 3.0 Credits
    Priority: Core Course - 2nd Year Priority

    Course Description from Course Catalog 5103

    Additional Info

    We will use practical problems during the class in order to better demonstrate the use of the rules of evidence during the course of a trial.


    There will be one final in-class examination which will account for 100% of the final grade. Additionally, adequate preparation for and participation in problem solving and discussion is required when called on. Therefore, the final grade may be lowered to reflect poor performance on these tasks.

    There will be four review quizzes during the term. The purpose of the quizzes is to provide periodic, formative feedback as the course proceeds, so that students review the material covered in class and have the opportunity to diagnose which parts of the materials they may need to work on before the final exam. These quizzes will be available online on TWEN for announced periods of several days after finishing units of material. Once the quiz period closes, answers will be available to students. All students must complete the quizzes. Those who complete the quizzes and get 70 percent of all of the questions correct on all of the quizzes together will receive a bonus of eight points added to the final exam grade. Students who do not complete a quiz, or who score less than sixty percent on a quiz, will have two points deducted from their final exam grade for each such quiz.

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