Law and Economics - Fall 2012

Term: Fall Term 2012-13 (2131)
Catalog Number: 5310
Class Number: 23537
Room: LAW G20
Class Schedule:
Type: Lecture
Credits: 3.0
Catalog Requirements:
Enrollment Limit: 8
Priority: Limited Enrollment - 3rd Year Priority

This course introduces principles of positive and normative microeconomics to explore the extent to which they can explain the workings of the legal system and to examine the effect of legal rules on behavior. Covered topics include the Coase Theorem; the choice between property, liability, and inalienability rules; comparative liability rules (e.g., negligence versus strict liability); contractual damages; criminal liability; family law; game theory; and legal decision theory (e.g., risk, uncertainty). No prior acquaintance with economics, mathematics, or psychology is necessary.

Grading Details

The final grade is based on problem sets.


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