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Zagreb, Croatia 

Join Professors Brand and Flechtner, and other excellent teachers, for this "four-week five-credit... introduction to international business transactions, followed by a focused examination of the law governing international sales of goods and international commercial arbitration."

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Application deadline is April 15th so don't miss out on a great summer abroad!



Immersion in the language, culture, legal system and legal education system of another country through study abroad can substantially enhance your understanding of the law and the global environment in which it is created and applied.

Up to 29 credits from an accredited foreign law school will count towards the completion of the JD degree. This can be in the form of graduate level courses that are part of a degree program, such as an LL.M.; an ABA-approved program sponsored by an American law school; or individual courses at a foreign law school. Students have the ability to complete a foreign LL.M. degree and graduate with their Pitt JD in three years.

Note regarding The Order of the Coif: In keeping with the requirements of The Order of the Coif, students are only eligible for Coif membership if they complete at least 75% of their law studies in graded courses. Any credits transferred without grades will not count toward this requirement. See also the law school's Academic Standards web page to read about the applicability of study abroad grades in determination of graduation honors.



Consider planning your study abroad experience in three stages:

  1. Select a program
  2. Apply for programs
  3. Arrange for credit at Pitt.


Visit CILE’s Scholarships and Opportunities page for a list of funding opportunities.


The University's Study Abroad Office publishes a Health and Safety Handbook that includes information on immunizations, medications, sexually transmitted diseases, cultural sensitivity, and documentation.

Please familiarize yourself with the University's guidelines regarding travel to foreign destinations under State Department Travel Warnings.



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