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Center for International Legal Education


The Center for International Legal Education (CILE) at Pitt Law exists to advance legal education and the rule of law, both at the School and throughout the world. Our work includes programs for Pitt Law JD students, LLM, SJD, and Visiting Scholar programs for foreign-trained lawyers and academics, and outreach to the legal profession both at home and abroad.

Pitt Law’s Center for International Legal Education (CILE) advances legal education and the rule of law, both at Pitt Law and throughout the world. CILE

  • enhances the education of all Pitt Law students by supporting the study of international and comparative law
  • promotes individually tailored opportunities both within and outside the classroom to develop the competencies necessary to thrive in a globalized economy and legal market
  • advances the education of lawyers from throughout the world by bringing foreign-trained lawyers to Pitt Law for study and research
  • builds the foundations of rule of law in countries in transition by training their future lawyers and statespeople and by supporting programs to strengthen their institutions of law and legal education

Without lawyers there cannot be rule of law, and without good legal education there cannot be the type of lawyers who will help establish and sustain the rule of law.


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